Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Relationships and why they help you THRIVE!

When it comes to genuinely connecting with others, it’s the simple, every day actions that connect us and bring us happiness. Human connection is the driving force in our life, and without it, we feel empty and incomplete. We each have what is called a "dharma": a purpose, something meaningful to contribute to life. Connection is when we recognize that our dharma can infuse joy into our lives AND the lives of others. Haven’t found your dharma? That’s okay. Start by seeing that your intentions & actions make a difference. In this way, you will be able to experience the joy in everyday life, while contributing to the Whole along the way! It's a win-win! Here are a few simple ways to stay connected throughout the day: 

Technology, social media, Netflix..all amazing. They connect us to business, history, fiction, future and other people’s lives! But we have to disconnect to reconnect to what is happening NOW. Commit to a regular “time-out” with your children, spouse, friends.. a real person, face to face, no distraction. Spend this time “wasting time” together. Every day. Be present and savor it! 

A twenty-second hug releases oxytocin, otherwise known as “the love hormone” in your body. I’m not talking about a fly-by hug. Make it last. Move past awkward and into connection. Why unleash the love? Because love IS connection in the truest sense. Make sure the hug is reciprocated and hug your lover, your bestie or even your dog! Let the love flow! 

Have you ever smiled at a stranger, only to be given a confused look in return? Exactly. People are so conditioned to deal with negativity that they immediately think “what’s wrong” when you flash them you’re pearly whites. A genuine, heartfelt smile can connect you to a complete stranger, kick off a mind-blowing conversation, and really make someone’s day. Smile, and mean it. You have so much to be happy about, why wouldn’t you smile? 

You are important. You matter. The world does not revolve around you, rather, the world needs you to put forth your best self. We all want to be first in line and be the exception to the rule, but remember: you have bigger fish to fry. You see the Whole. And you are contributing to something bigger. Be patient, be kind, and remember that life is not happening to you, it’s happening FOR you, and for everyone else, too. Stop. Take the time to authentically connect throughout your day, and watch the joy blossom in you and all around you! 

“Connection is that process of knowing our importance to the Whole, as well as comprehending that others share this importance with us. When we do so, we are less likely to hate or fear. We can rest, secure in the knowledge, that we are all eternal threads in the grand design.” - Judith Lasater, Living Your Yoga